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Damel - Damel Senghan Carayol 


An Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, producer and arranger with numerous record releases under the names of Damel and Damel Carayol; and with various bands: Clique - Cache - Lifesighs - Kwest and more. Damel has also worked and toured globally with other music luminaries such as Soul II Soul, Omar and Janet Kay and performed with the landmark theatrical production ‘Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame’ 

Visually Artistic

Damel has had a dedicated period of producing credit-worthy notable pieces of Fine Art over the past 4 years (2016). His work continues as he makes headway gaining award winning inroads into the Art world of the UK, USA West Africa the Caribbean and beyond.


Damel is an unrestrained wordsmith writing both poetry and prose to profound levels for over 3 decades. This work still stored is currently yet to be fully aired and unleashed. So this is an exciting space to watch!!

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