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“Say It Loud” ... (I’m black and I’m proud)

Say It LOUD...(I'm Black and I'm proud)         £12500.00

Oil, acrylic and collage on wood board 

1m 26 x 1m 24 cm (in frame)

Framed in deep-box brown  softwood frame

Amidst a carnage of confusion with questions of where are we? For Black People, and so for all of us in the world, a new togetherness reminiscent of the Freedom Riders of Civil Rights America began to emerge. Like an inevitable tide really.

George Floyd’s murder as continuum and as landmark has awakened, kickstarted and jolted a new and rejuvenated Black self-pride, particularly with the younger generation - the very future... Very importantly, it creates new avenues for dialogue, better overstanding, and a chance so humanity can see a way. 

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