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Moussa et Margot (proposale)

A Spanish man and a French man were talking. Pablo Picasso, inspired by Henri Matisse, inspired by African masks as ‘Art form’, incorporated this aspect into his art for a significant period of his artistic life.

We all as artists can’t help too but be at least prompted by Picasso, and so Matisse with this depiction.
Being An African man in Britain, my approach to the portrayal is from an African perspective. From the land of multiple wood carvings and decorative, festive and spiritual face masks, this is my take on the subject and ongoing traditions and influence, borne from birthplace home and married to living place home.
Moussa et Margot,
my proposal. The knocking to come will hopefully lead to the marriage as is SeneGambian tradition, and so complete fully one of life’s circles.


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