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Moussa et Margot (proposale)

A Spanish man and a French man were talking. Pablo Picasso, inspired by Henri Matisse, inspired by African masks as ‘Art form’, incorporated this aspect into his art for a significant period of his artistic life.

Moussa et Margot  (proposale)     £1500.00  

Oil and acrylic on wood board
   63 x 53 cm
Framed in contemporary brown wood frame. 

A celebration of the African mask, and its influence on a significant period of Pablo Picasso’s work.

It is said this came about through Henri Matisse’s introduction of them to Picasso.

From an African perspective, these masks are embraced as ritual, mystical, festive and cultural tradition.

Moussa et Margot is a 'proposale', reminiscent of the tradition of a marriage proposition in West Africa where honour, respect and recognition of family stabilities are proffered as a first stage .There follows two more leading to marriage - A triptych. 


     Here I offer a full-circle union of arts, cultures, beauty, colours and wonder as pat 1 of 3.


Oil and acrylic on wood board

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