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The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner       £1500.00 - Sold (Limited edition Giclee prints available)

Oil on canvas
50 x 65cm
Framed in brown varnished wood tray frame

Let us dig down
drill down to roots
there is the foundation of wealth creation.
You say you can afford it, and I have the means
and true we’ve worked hard for it
silver spoon are distant dreams.

But what of the farmer
what of the soil tiller
what of the weaver and the wood cutter
what of the miner, the water carrier?
That woman and man in far forgotten places
in ill-regarded spaces, toiling unseen
working to provide for an extended family.

That family extends to you and I
we the believers that we make it, 
that we’ve made it.
But dig down, drill down to root
and there the backs of the real
the breadwinner for all nations, on who we build
the breadwinner for world consumption
voracious as ever, blind-dazzled to disregard the source.
Active recognition is all he seeks
Fair trade and just reward all she deserves

Damel Carayol ST
The Breadwinner

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