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Pains of 2020

Can we imagine? As a grown man

Of 6 foot 5 in stature
Reaching the point that you Know is of no return
Seeing the woman who gave birth to you
Nurtured you and others
Calling you and telling you it’s ok to come.

So you call out - “Mama”
Cos your assailant won’t hear your cry
Continues air for you to deny....
Nonchalant-kneeling, may as well be whistling.
Well that’s George
George Floyd
In pains that go beyond boundaries and structures
A killing that transcends racial barriers of which there really are none
Permits disregard for the corona that hovers through worldwide protests
Unifying a cry that Black lives do matter. The true hope is that it’s a concrete given that ALL lives matter.
For if that truly rings solid and not hollow
What a chance we have.
Capturing the grief and anguish etched in a face.
Black and white, as Picasso depicts in Guernica, is old. But black and white as here too is real.
Meanwhile there’s the lockdown author lurking, he too nonchalant, whilst the final true recognition of the UK’s gift of the NHS, is reflected in splashes of the rainbow symbolism. It’s backdrop are the closed blinds of international prescription during the months and months of this year.


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