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John the Baptist

John the Baptist       £25000.00

Oil, acrylic and collage on hard board

1m 63 x 1m 22 cm         

"And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.." 

In Lake Retba in Chies, Senegal stands John the Baptist. Lake Retba is known for its pink waters due to its extremely high salt content.

The greatest of all the prophets, John the Baptist, forerunner to and baptiser of Jesus is largely unsung. Scant heralded and fanfared, chiming in with the experience of people of colour, scarcely recognised in Christian religious art.

John the Baptist is "worth his salt", salt that was once more precious than gold. The salt is mined here, but the price is set not by the producers but the buyers. The Holy Spirit descends on him and the triangle seen depicts both: the image of the trinity and the stability of a triangular base; as well as journey travelled from horizon for John the Baptist and his devotees to now stand in front of us knowingly - Salt of the earth.

Oil, acrylic and collage on board

w 163 cm x d 122 cm

(price to include framing in consultation with buyer)

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