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The Israelite

The Israelite     £3500.00
Oil, acrylic, bitumen and collage on canvas
Image:  122 x 91.5xm  (Framed In contemporary brown wood tray-frame)
A painting in homage, recognition and highlight of Ethiopian Jews, also referred to as, Beta Israel . A people whose tradition as followers of Judaism dates back a millennia. Many Ethiopian Jews were reportedly transported to Israel in the mid 1980s after reaching as far as Sudan on their journey to their biblically ascribed "homeland". 

Following on on themes of childhood, the image here is of a young girl born in Israel amidst the recognitions, questions and resonant struggles. She peers out with her own questions, needing too to understand and to know more about her birthplace, her heritage, her 'homeland'. 
   Or perhaps, she is the one who does know...simple answers to questions. 

(A first in my directional series of Afstract Figurative)

 The Israelite ... (So that every MIND can be Fed)

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